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What IS Telepathy

What is telepathy? From the Greek word, tele "at a distance" and pathy or pathia "intimacy or touch". Telepathy is the ability to transmit messages without the means of any instrument. It is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. Using telepathy one can relay messages to anyone in the world from or even to anywhere in the universe.

Telepathy is more than reading someone's mind like a person who is clairvoyant. Telepathy is being able to not only read that person mind but also answer back to that person. Telepathy can be a two way conversation just using the power of the mind by transmitting thoughts where each person is a sender and a receiver.

There are numerous stories of telepathy used by the aboriginal people of Australia. It is said that elders or medicine men of the aboriginal culture can communicate with almost any of their members via thought. The person receiving the message can be may miles away.

Telepathy is basically understood as mind to mind or subconscious to subconscious mind. It is the transfer of thoughts or conversations from one person to another. There are many articles written on the subject and it is widely known in almost all ancient cultures. In the books Life And Teachings written by Baird T. Spalding he speaks of how messages were transmitted hundreds of miles away as a way of staying in touch with one another. The people in question in these books were of Indian decent and lived throughout the remote parts of India. Not only were thoughts transmitted but people were able to transmit themselves in physical form to various locations.

Everything that surrounds us is energy and telepathy in itself is energy or vibration and frequencies. Telepathy is about connecting that energy and frequency. It is like tuning a radio to find the right station. You need to learn how to tune into that radio so it receives the right signal. By trying different types of meditation and using sound vibrations you can learn how to open your mind to receive these signals too.

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